April 28, 2017

On the Mark ...

Here we are facing up to a late tax day. It only seems appropriate that today is a very dark, wet, and gloomy day but maybe there are some late filers that are actually getting a refund. Truthfully, enough is enough, and a true spring forecast would be appreciated. Everybody here at Euro Cycle RENO is laying the blame on me for the wettest winter ever recorded and the precipitation continues on. Definitely miss the Las Vegas winters that I was so fond of. But RENO is my home and I am glad to be back with family, friends, and long time customers.

I am quite satisfied with the business we are doing and highly optimistic of us having another great year in the powersports market. Our inventory is well stocked for a banner year. The weather has definitely allowed us to concentrate on the internal marketing and digital efforts that have worked so well for the Las Vegas store. Brad has taken the lead on getting the web pages updated and he prides himself with learning the process. Starting next month our web will tie directly to Cycle Trader as we push for extra exposure outside the immediate Reno locale.

This exposure fits well with our history in northern Nevada and California as we celebrate our 45 year business identity. Even with this weather dilemma, our numbers are ahead of the 2016 first quarter numbers with the major franchises. New products with Triumph and Arctic Cat are bringing so many new faces into our store. It would be my pleasure to welcome everybody to come visit, see these fantastic new machines, and take a test ride with us. Seeing them in person far exceeds the online presentation and that experience motivates us all.

Just this week the first batch of the highly anticipated Triumph Street Scramblers arrived in our dealership. The initial viewing has been outstanding to say the least. If you have not seen the new Triumph Bobber, they are also in stock. The Bobber has become the best selling new model in Triumph history in its first debut.

For the customers out there with a need of investing that tax refund in one our great products be assured our sales staff is eager to make you a special deal on your choice to ride away on or in!

Our used inventory is very low so we are most interested in accepting all trades to sweeten your new purchase. So until this weather breaks, brighten up your day with a purchase that will excite the senses for many years to come.

Looking forward to your visit at Euro Cycle Reno ... Mark

Mark Yuill


A new name ... a rich tradition.

January 23, 2017

Well, another year has passed, and it held a lot of transformation for the original Freedom Cycle that Brad and I started 20 years ago. 2017 marks our 45th year of business! I feel lucky, successful, and grateful for the opportunity to continue going forward. If the stars are truly aligned the way I see them, small businesses like ours should have a prosperous decade of growth ahead of them.

We’re adopting a fresh image and brand awareness for our business, and so we have a new name -- "Euro Cycle Reno" -- to mirror our "Euro Cycle Las Vegas" operations, but what hasn’t changed is our passion for both high quality motorcycles and premium customer service. Our new web presence, social media, and digital advertising will clearly demonstrate our commitment to following the path we have chosen in expanding sales, service, and customer relations. We have always taken tremendous pride in being the best at what we do.

This year we have set high expectations for our team and we’re forecasting great growth predictions for Euro Cycle Reno. We are proud to announce that 2016 was our biggest year yet in the POWERSPORTS business. We want to thank all of our repeat customers for their loyalty and we look forward to meeting all the newbies coming our way. Our franchises are also in high gear and on track to give us new models in the near future that will enable us to be on the cutting edge of both technology and reliability. I invite you to respond to me through the web, email, Twitter, or a simple phone call. You can expect to see a personal message each month from me on the blog as well.

Be safe and have a healthy, happy and prosperous 2017!

Mark Yuill



August 1, 2017

Incredible how the time flies on by us, here we are now at the end of July and well into the summer selling season.In Reno, they say we only have two seasons……….Winter and Road construction.Traffic is starting to be a problem in the” biggest little city” and motorcycles are even a better way of transportation in my thinking.In Nevada, it is not legal to “lane split”, but trust me it is a common place thing on our highways.In reality, a motorcycle endorsement should allow you a few benefits like saving you a tremendous amount of time in the rush hour commutes.Of course, we are all privy to the craziness that some riders who do this bring to all the motorcycle community.

Things have been very good for us lately, as the customers are blessing us with some needed business after the harsh winter months. We are significantly up with our very important franchises and our riding season has plenty of beautiful weather left to add to those totals.

If you are reading this blog and as a way of knowing how the web is working towards building new power sports business and increasing vehicle sales, Euro Cycle Reno will be offering 25% off all clothing, accessories and helmets in stock - if these are purchased at the time of the sale. (Click here for discount.) Much of our power sports inventory has been reduced upwards of $2000 to inspire that purchase of a new motorcycle or off road vehicle.We currently have some of the nicest used machines in stock that we have ever had with a wide range of riding styles.

You can easily check out the inventory of new and used on this web and also at the same time, electronically fill out the credit application to save you some time. We use different lending companies, credit unions, and will go out of our way to make your purchase both quick and fun.It is all about the experience and after 20 years in this business no one does it better.